Our Heritage

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Several years back, three close friends took a trip to Memphis, Tennessee to celebrate one of their birthday’s. Two were Memphis natives, the third hailed from the streets of New York City. The Memphis pair decided to show the New Yorker a little taste of the South; literally and figuratively. The three of them spent the weekend in Memphis seeing the sights, hearing the sounds, and tasting bold Memphis southern delicacies. The gents had BBQ until they couldn’t eat anymore. The weekend was filled with cuisine, libations and the warm welcoming embrace that makes you never want to leave the South. The New Yorker got to experience what the south was really about, and upon his return to the city that never sleeps, he sent a card thanking his hosts, and dear friends, for a weekend that would later change their lives.

“Thank you for your true southern hospitality, my friends. When I was in Memphis, you made me feel like I was home...” These words would later embody all they sought to achieve when they decided to create a restaurant that would be a celebration of southern specialties; where every guest would be treated as a friend.

In 2007 those men made their vision of an authentic Southern restaurant in the heart of New York City a reality. They shared a vision of true southern warmth, manners, and cuisine. Created with fresh local ingredients, made with love and in an environment where guests feel like friends; the flavors bring a comfort that can only come from the south.


Because friends- When You’re Here, You’re Home...